What Would Change Your Mind About Using Native Plants in Your Landscape?

Would you choose a garden that takes less of your time to maintain? Or a sustainable, environmentally, eco-friendly, pollinator friendly garden that heightens the senses? Do you want masses and drifts of color that are attractive throughout the year? What about native plants that can be used in smaller spaces? Are you needing a multi-functional garden that attracts pollinators, which also help your food crops or vegetable garden? How about gardens that look attractive both day and night? What if you could still have the usable space you need to entertain, but have a sustainable garden at the same time blended into the landscape? I want each of these to happen in my native plants landscape.

Butterfly weed

Butterfly weed

It can be intimidating to change the way you garden or landscape.  We want evidence that making such a change really will make a difference in our lives and in our gardens.  Below is one case in favor of using native plants.  When the Lincoln Public Library transitioned its landscape to native buffalograss and prairie plantings, the results were worth the effort.

Case Study from the Great Plains

A Public Library in Lincoln, Nebraska converted 2.5 acres of bluegrass turf to buffalograss and mixed prairie plantings.


  • Reduction of 1.5 million gallons of water per year for irrigation
  • Reduction of 800 pound of fertilizer per year
  • Reduction of 5 gallons of pesticide concentrate per year.
  • Source: Leafings, August 2000, a Nebraska Statewide Arboretum publication.


Pale Coneflower

Pale Coneflower



  • Offer carefree beauty once established
  • Require less water if properly matched to your site
  • Adapted to our soils and climate
  • Attract birds, butterflies and a host of other pollinators to your garden
  • A properly designed garden provides year-round beauty

Home landscapes can be transformed as well using native plants so that they are sustainable, easy to maintain, and beautiful.  To start planning your native plant garden, be sure to SAVE THE DATE for our FloraKansas Spring Plant Sale and keep an eye out for our upcoming 2015 plant list.