Prairie Window Concert Series

*October 2020 Update from Brad Guhr, Prairie Window Concert Series Coordinator

To say that our social lives and leisure activities have been disrupted over the last six months is an understatement. Nowhere is that impact felt more than in the live music business. Touring artists and concert venues have been stuck in a holding pattern with only more postponements and cancellations in sight.

In early March 2020 when COVID-19 hit, we were about ready to announce the Prairie Window Concert Series (PWCS) eight-show lineup for 2020-2021. Since then, that excitement has had to be tempered and turned into hopefulness, looking forward to the day when we can safely gather again indoors to enjoy live music. That day of gathering indoors will not be this fall, and it may not be in spring either. Fall 2020 dates are being moved to Fall 2021 and postponements for spring 2021 dates are being considered.

Whatever happens, this much I know…the excitement for live music continues to build! Once it feels safe for concerts to happen again, there will be two postponed shows from last season (DALA and Jeffrey Foucualt) ready to reschedule and a new slate of artists (see above) waiting in queue to schedule as well. Our PWCS season ticketholders and Dyck Arboretum members will be the first to know more details when available.

We are grateful for the continued financial support of our PWCS underwriters and Dyck Arboretum members. A special thanks to Humanities Kansas for their CARES Act Relief grant. If you would like to make a donation to Dyck Arboretum, you can do so HERE.

To keep your juices flowing for live music at the PWCS, enjoy below a clip from each of the artists we look forward to presenting to you in the near future!


Jeffrey Foucault

Barnaby Bright


Scott Mulvahill

Over the Rhine

Dan Rodriguez


The Small Glories

Brooks Williams

Upcoming Shows