Prairie Studies

VegSampling-July2008_0001While the body of research regarding prairies is growing, there is still so much to be learned.  Dyck Arboretum of the Plains has 12 acres on-site of newly reconstructed prairie to study as well as access to over 100 private prairie remnants within a 60-mile radius of Hesston in SC Kansas.

These varied prairie ecosystems are serving as valuable resources to conduct scientific surveys and qualitative assessments in the following ways:IMG_2358

  • Small mammal inventory through live trap and release
  • Bird and butterfly inventories to better understand habitat preferences in remnant prairies
  • Quantitative photo-monitoring to monitor prairie changes over time
  • Comparison of seeding diversity and rates on prairie reconstruction success
  • Effects of distance from edge and edge type on seed limitation in prairies
  • Vegetation establishment in a prairie reconstruction
  • Seed germination variations amongst prairie forb species
  • Effects of fire on prairie remnant butterflies
  • Establishment of a local ecotype propagation nursery

Students from Hesston College, Bethel College, Wichita State University, the Friends University Master of Science in Environmental Studies Program, and North Carolina A&T State University, have all contributed to prairie-related projects through Dyck Arboretum.

Call us at 620-327-8127 to learn more about our studies or to get involved.RestorationPhotoMonitoring_Oct2006-Site2-SWcorner