New Initiatives

New Initiatives

The Prairie Window Project

Future plans include an additional 18 acres of plantings, featuring the native flora of Kansas. Displays will recreate various habitats found throughout the state. These developments will put the arboretum at the forefront of Great Plains ecological restoration and education.

The Bird Watch Area

Under development in the ephemeral wetlands, this area was approved as an Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site by the Department of Kansas Wildlife and Parks. The creek, shrubs, and nut and fruit bearing trees provide food and shelter for many types of wildlife, including more than 60 species of birds and 24 species of butterflies. The addition of wetland species will complement the existing pollinator and ethnobotanical collections. A 40-foot bridge allowing better access to viewing sites was completed in the fall of 2002. Pathways, benches and interpretive signage will be installed as funding permits.

Shade Garden

A Shade Garden is under construction in the northeast area of the arboretum and will help with the often asked question, “Which native plants grow in the shade?”

Children’s Discovery Garden

The Children’s Discovery Garden will explore the legacy of Native American gardens on the Great Plains; provide the opportunity to experience the ancient harmonies of gardening; and draw connections between the elements of weather, soil, pollinators, and plant materials.

American Heritage Garden

The American Heritage Garden will explore differences between native and non-native and highlight plants that Lewis and Clark brought back from their travels.

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