Large Landscapes

A large landscape can be your backyard or a meadow you can see from your kitchen window.

Large PlantingIf you elect to plant a seed mixture, choose one with hardy native varieties or have one custom mixed for you. Avoid mixtures that have plants that are not native to this area.

Preparing the bed properly is essential. Completely eliminate weeds using commercial herbicides such as Round-up or by repeated tilling until all competing plant material has been removed. When hand broadcasting the seed, it is good to mix the seed with sand to insure even distribution. Rake the seed lightly, being careful not to bury it more than 1/8- to 1/4-inch deep.

Plantings should be kept moist during the early stages of development. Lightly watering three or four times each week to ensure germination. Supplemental watering during the establishment period will help the wildflowers thrive.

Be careful when eradicating weeds by hand roughing. You may uproot the delicate wildflower seedlings in the process. Mowing over the top of small wildflower seedlings will help keep most annual weeds under control.

Once your site is established, you can collect seed on wildflower excursions in your area (being careful to collect only a small portion of what you see) and add new species. You can also add to your meadow by planting small colonies of vigorous specimens purchased at our native plant sale. These will reseed and reward you with an array of wonderful color and diversity.