FloraKansas FAQ

Will I be able to purchase herbs from Neff Farm?

If you are interested in herbs and veggies from Neff Family Farm, please contact them directly to coordinate your order and pickup.

How can I submit an order for plants, and what information should I include?

Submit your plant order by using our FloraKansas Plant Order Form or by simply sending an email to arboretum@hesston.edu.

Please include the scientific name and variety, as well as the quantities of plants you would like to order. If you are a member, please include your membership level and your expiration date, which is listed on your membership card.

I’m not certain which plants I should choose for my landscape. Is there someone who can assist me?

Yes. Please use the CONTACT US page (or call our office and leave a voicemail) to submit any questions you have about your landscape and one of our staff will reach out via email or phone to help you order the plants that will match your site and gardening goals.

The plant list doesn’t tell me which plants are in which pot sizes. How do I estimate the cost of my order?

Good question! From past experience, we have found that customers spend ON AVERAGE $5 per plant at FloraKansas. Now, if you are ordering many shrubs and trees, that average will be higher.

Until we have all of our plant orders in the greenhouse, we unfortunately do not yet know exactly which plants will be in which pots. We will, however, send you an estimate for your order after it has been pulled. If your total is not satisfactory, you may choose to put some plants back.

How and when can I pay for my plants?

After your plants have been set aside for you, a digital estimate/invoice will be sent to you via email. Thanks for paying this invoice with credit card electronically. If card payment is not an option, let us know and we will work with you on an alternate payment method.

I am a member. Can I use my coupon or discount?

Absolutely! We will include your discount or coupon (depending on the level of your membership) on your e-invoice. If you don’t see it, please let us know. Also, if you normally renew your membership at the spring sale, you may ask us to include your membership renewal contribution in your order as well.

When can I pick-up my plants?

As of today (April 13th), we are planning to distribute plant orders during the time the sale would have taken place (April 24 and 25), and into the following week (April 27 to 29). However, we may need to adapt our plan in response to changing circumstances. We will be coordinating pickup dates and times via email or phone.

I am not able to leave my home. How will I get my plants?

If you are unable to leave your home due to illness or because you are in a high risk group, please let us know and we will work to arrange for a staff person or another member of the FloraKansas community to deliver your plants to your home.