Native Landscaping Class – Shady Garden

Thursday, March 30 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Join Scott Vogt in this native landscaping class as he takes you through the process of planning, designing, installing and maintaining a habitat landscape. Come prepared with a scale drawing of your landscape. Attendees will receive a coupon for the 2017 spring plant sale to purchase the plants from their design.

Cost is $20/person, $15/Members. Call the arboretum for reservations. This class is limited to 10.

This class will address some of the landscape challenges faced by many homeowners.  A sustainable landscape is not just visibly pleasing, but also promotes the natural balance between local environmental and climate conditions. Choose to incorporate a community of plants that will grow and thrive together.  Native wildflowers and grasses along with trees and shrubs can be strategically combined to create your own unique oasis.  Landscape trends for 2017 promote outdoor rooms and kitchens, edible gardens, and landscapes that help butterflies, bees, and other wildlife by using native plants. Whether you desire to create a natural habitat garden around your sunny area or wish to brighten up a shady spot in your landscape, these workshops can be the starting point for a sustainable design.

Call 620-327-8127 for details.